Elizabeth Dole Foundation Fellows

The BEST and most EXCITING thing to happen to me in 2012 was being selected as a Dole Caregiver Fellow as part of the Elizabeth Dole Foundation. The mission of the Foundation includes providing assistance, raising awareness, and conducting research.  More information will be available with the official website launch next year.

20 caregivers, male and female, from across the nation gathered in Washington, DC the first week of October with a common goal:  to be a voice for 1000s of others we work with and support every single day.   The whirlwind trip included an overview of the program, video taping our personal stories, meeting with RAND Corporation, and a nightime tour of the city’s beautiful monuments with Senator Elizabeth Dole.

During the 2012 MOAA/NDIA Warrior-Family Symposium Senator Elizabeth Dole introduced a new initiative, Caring for Military Families:  The Elizabeth Dole Foundation.  When her husband, Sen. Bob Dole, was treated at the then-Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., Elizabeth Dole saw firsthand the importance of supporting caregivers of injured servicemembers.  The initiative will fund research on the topic and bring together organizations that are already working to resolve issues involving injured servicemembers and their caretakers. 

“I believe America has not fulfilled her promise to care for our wonded and their caregivers who have sacrificed so much,” Dole said.  “The Elizabeth Dole Foundation is committed to hope and healing for every single individual who has risked his or her life for our nations. . . Let us take the problems you face into the opportunities you deserve.  Only then will it be morning in America again for all of us.”

There are not words for how incredibly blessed and humbled I am to be a member of this outstanding group of men and women.

National Press Building
Iwo Jima Memorial
World War 2 Memorial
Senator Elizabeth Dole at WWII Memorial
Here we mark the price of freedom
The Wall
Not sure why they let us that close to the White House 😉
Sandra Touchet, Kat Honaker, Me, and Torrey Shannon

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