Helen Deutsch Writer’s Workshop–New York City

In June of 2012 I was invited on a Caregiver’s Writing Retreat sponsored by Wounded Warrior Project.  Forty caregivers of veterans from across the nation were flown into New York City for a weekend of lights, sounds, laughter, and writing.  
We spent two full days working in our writing groups with professional mentors (you can read about my amazing mentors here: http://gothamist.com/2005/04/11/jessica_blank_and_erik_jensen_playwrights_the_exonerated_authors_living_justice.php) and honing our writing skills.  In the evenings we attended a play and had time to explore Times Square.  Several of us had the opportunity to visit Ground Zero and see the beautiful memorial fountains.
We returned in September for part two at the Writer’s Guild.  Working once again with our mentors, we had the chance to delve deeper into our writing and into ourselves to really find our “voice” and practice our craft.  The highlight of the trip was an evening bus tour around NYC and the surrounding boroughs which was wrapped up at an authentic NY pizza joint.  
My group has formed an online writing group to encourage one another to keep plugging away at our writing and discover where it takes us!

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