67th Annual BVA Convention–Galveston Island

BVA Convention Top Ten:
1.  Gulf of Mexico
2.  Poolside Bar
3.  The Strand
4.  The Elissa
5.  The Pleasure Pier
6.  The Lone Star Flight Museum
7.  NASA
8.  The Space Shuttle Training Simulator
9.  The Awards Banquet–I was elected as the first BVA Auxiliary Board 
     Member (Secretary) from the OIF/OEF generation. 
10.  Reconnecting with OPS friends!
The Gulf of Mexico
Lou and Melissa at The Elissa
Warm summer night by the ocean at Galveston Pleasure Pier
Billy Baxter showing off at the Lone Star Flight Museum
Mission Control, Johnson Space Center
Old Mission Control Room, Johnson Space Center
Operation Peer Support Group at NASA
Sean with astronaut Mike Fossum
The family ready for the banquet
Cate and Melissa at the banquet
Melissa, Christina, and Lou
Birthday girl Cate and husband Tim
Lou and Ben

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