Challenge Aspen C.A.M.O.

In February Sean and I had the amazing opportunity to participate in the Visually Impaired Ski & Snowboard festival through Challenge Aspen C.A.M.O. We traveled to gorgeous Snowmass, Colorado for a week-long adventure filled with skiing, friends, and relaxation.  

Sean easily picked up with skiing as if he’d never stopped.  The sport is excellent for his balance as well as for physical fitness.  We spent time with fantastic friends and made new ones as well.  The girls took a day off and rode the gondola up Mount Aspen and had lunch at an incredible hidden gem called Krabloonik where we were able to watch the sled dogs get hitched and ready to run.  

Steven Schulz and Sean at Spider Sabich

Sean with instructors Kathy and Jim
Torrey Shannon and Melissa riding the gondola
to the top of Mt. Aspen

Girls’ Day at Mt. Aspen
Dog sleds at Krabloonik
Melissa and Debbie Schulz 
Sean, Karen, Eddie, Steven, Sergio, Corey, and Dorian

We enjoyed our experience so thoroughly that we will be heading back to Snowmass in July for Horses for Heroes, part of Challenge Aspen’s C.A.M.O. program.  Can’t wait!  

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