When It Rains

This week has been a let down. 
Sean has to notify the VA of any drill days he serves during the year so the VA can recoup pay as he can’t be paid for both at the same time.  The form was turned in this spring and in May we received a letter from the VA explaining how the deductions would be made, and when his full disability pay would be reinstated.

I made two phone calls to the VA to make sure I understood the amounts, dates, and how they figured his pay rate.  Both times I was assured the amounts and dates were correct.  His pay was to be reinstated at a normal rate in September, however, he only received 1/4 of his pay that month.  We worked with our FRC to investigate the discrepancy.  Turns out, the letter we received and BOTH VA employees I spoke to earlier this summer were incorrect.  The math was not calculated correctly in the letter.  We are having it investigated one more time, but the reality is, we probably won’t ever see that pay.

We have been waiting and waiting for a response on the GI Bill and the remainder of Erin’s tuition.  Finally, a response came, and would you believe it?  They gave us the wrong information!!  Every time we talked to them.  We were assured no less than four times that her program was covered, she would receive her tuition payments.  The school was told in April that she qualified and would be paid for her course starting in June.  The kicker is, you never get to talk to the same person when calling, so that means everyone I spoke with gave me the wrong information!  Yes, I’ll work it back up the chain and see if they will pay, but not going to hold my breath.

That leaves me with a hefty bill to pay this week.  If it’s not paid, Erin can’t get her certificate/license.  She was offered a job, so it’s critical to get this done ASAP. 

This is why life sometimes scares the shit out of me.  Last year we had a pay issue that took five months to fix.  When you have an employer you are paid on time and know what to expect.  It’s easy to see how families end up losing everything when you can’t rely on the entity that controls your income to A. do things right B. fix errors quickly and C. be consistent (unless you count making errors and giving incorrect information repeatedly as consistent).

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