FREE Parent/Teacher Packet from Family of a Vet

Living with TBI/PTSD?  Here is an informational packet to help you share with your child’s teacher and tips to help you at home.

Teaching students whose parents have TBI/PTSD?  Not sure?  The information in this packet can help you with all children and parents.

Request Free Parent/Teacher Packet


  • Tips for Parents: Navigating the School Year in a PTSD/TBI Household
  • About Our Family: Help discussing your family with a new teacher
  • What Does PTSD Look Like?
  • How Does PTSD Change the Brain?
  • PTSD Symptoms: Clinical vs. Real World Terms
  • Traumatic Brain Injury: Symptoms & Tips for Working with Parents who Have TBI
  • Secondary PTSD in Children
  • How PTSD Impacts Children
  • Communicating with a Parent who has PTSD or TBI
  • Effective Conferences with PTSD or TBI Parents
  • Helping Students Through Difficult Days
  • Understanding PTSD & How to Make a Difference

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