Slow and Steady Wins the Race

I hope!
I wanted to take a minute here to review the goals I set last month.

1. Develop a binder and emergency plan for Sean.  Almost done!
2. Become diligent at using Sean’s schedule.  I am!!  Sean, not so much.  However, we are now having two or three consistent days a week and that is a BIG improvement!  Dr. CV has him filling out a binder each day with his schedule and reflecting on it each evening.
3. Incoporate a “morning meeting” into each day.  Yes!  This one has been a lifesaver.  Sean has been able to ask about his MEB, appointments, etc., and then we table it until the next meeting so we can stop having the obsessive conversations.  It’s also great when I need him to do something, or if we have paperwork to do. 
4. Eat supper together daily at the table.  Um. . . . We eat supper.  A couple times may have been at the table.
5. Walk the dog two times a day.  Just go to #6.
6. Do an activity for myself weekly.  Yes!  I have been able to do at least one activity, and in a couple cases, more.  I found I like doing it purposely vs. haphazardly as I appreciate it more.

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