I would like to thank the VA for making my life easier, and by easier I mean *more difficult*.

Wednesday’s response from the VA regarding the Post 9/11 GI Bill: 


It appears the problem with your file is that you are attending a program that is classified as a non college degree course. These courses are not payable under CH33 until later this year; October 1, 2011. Please contact your VA Certifying Official at your school regarding this issue.


My response to them:

Why were we never informed of this?  Not when we applied for this school in January, not when we received certification in March, not when the school submitted the certification in April, not any of the times I called in May or June.  It would be apparent to anyone in this situation that the VA has an obligation to inform applicants who are entitled to benefits when those benefits might be paid at the time of acceptance to the program.  This is not acceptable.

I had a deposit on Friday morning.  Now I just have to see how they will pay the remainder

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