Why I Don’t Trust the VA to do Anything, Ever

What I do:  Submit a transfer of schools request for my daughter under the Post 9/11 GI Bill (Sean transferred his benefits to her) late December 2010

What the VA does:  Sits on request despite numerous calls/emails to expedite the process

What I do:  Rejoice when they finally get the job done the first week of March

What the school does:  Submit Erin’s certificate of Eligibility on April 8, 2011

What the VA does:  NOTHING

What I do:  Call the VA in May to double check the status before classes start June 1st

What the VA does:  Assures me everything is in order

What the VA does:  DOES NOT deposit money for classes on June 1st

What I do:  Repeatedly call and wait and wait and wait and wait and YELL at the automated voice recording telling me, “We are currently experiencing a large volume of calls, please remain on the line blah, blah, blah. . . “

What the VA does:  Finally answers the phone on June 9th.  Martha (Oh, how I despise you, Martha!  A pox upon thee!!) tells me that the claim is “processing” and the money will be deposited in 2 or 3 days.

What the VA does:  NOTHING

What I do:  Call and call until I finally get past that incredibly annoying automated message. 

What the VA does:  This time, I speak to Julie who tells me the claim was cancelled in May (for no known reason) and Martha put in a request on June 9th to re-open the case and that can take 30 days!!  30 days?  WTH are you people doing??  Anyway. . . She recommends I email HQ (no, she doesn’t have a phone number where I can reach them. . . shocking) with a request for an immediate response due to financial hardship as tuition is a month past due and she needs her housing payment for rent.  She also says, “Martha didn’t tell you any of this?”  “Nope.”  “She has worked here a long time and should know better than that.”  and my personal favorite:  “‘Processing’ is what the VA says when they don’t want to look into an issue.”  I KNEW IT!!!!  She then tells me I should get a response from that email before the end of the day, and if not, I should send another stating that I am contacting my Senators and Representative for assistance.  She says, “That always gets them.”

What I do:  Send the email and wait. . . .

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