Tandem Limbo

Sean has a stationary bike set up at the house and is working with an Olympic coach online. This is a really exciting adventure for him! He is feeling better about himself and the training is really motivating.

However, he is still waiting on his tandem cycle from the VA prosthetics.  All the paperwork was completed and submitted.  A couple of weeks ago Dr. H called me to say the VA gave him a new form and the request for Sean’s bike cannot go forward until the new form is completed, and it requires us to go to Sioux Falls for an exam with Dr. H. 

Sean is incredibly frustrated!  All his hard work and training, and he is stuck in the basement.  He has identified people who would cycle with him, if he had a bike.  He has to miss camps and races that he could attend, if he had a bike.

Sad that someone so motivated initially to achieve a goal is held up by forms and processes that don’t work smoothly.

One response to “Tandem Limbo

  • Barbara

    Sadly, my husband encountered this as well before he finally obtained his hand cycle. Don't give up – it's worth the wait. Also, keep in mind that organizations like Wounded Warrior Project Soldier Ride do not require you to own your own bike. They can provide a loaner for the ride. Hugs!!!

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