Madigan Army Medical Center

Sean was sent to Madigan Army Medical Center at Ft.Lewis, WA the first week of March for an eye evaluation by a neuro ophthalmologist for his PEB.  A lot of travel for a “nothing new” answer.  Oh, how I wish just once there could be an exam where the doctor says, “Oh!  There!  That’s it!”  Definitive answers that would end this search. 

The one thing we were able to take away from this exam is that unlike others who have told Sean since there is nothing physically wrong with his eyes he will “magically” regain sight someday, Dr. G told him that since his vison loss has persisted for more than two years he is not likely to regain that sight.  She also said that etiology doesn’t matter, he has still lost vision.  This gave Sean validation unlike others who have made him feel like he was making things up or it’s all in his head.

With our flight schedule we had less than a day to spend in Seattle, but we still managed to squeeze in some sightseeing with our good friend David Floyd.  He gave us the Pacific Highway tour on the drive from Ft. Lewis to Seattle.  We walked around city center and through Experience Music Project (EMP) before traveling 500 feet up to dine at Sky City in the Space Needle.  It was AWESOME!!  The view was amazing!  360 degrees of city lights and Puget Sound.  The food was incredible!  Best filet I’ve ever eaten, followed by the Lunar Orbiter Ice Cream Sunday.  The company was perfect!  Thanks, Floyd, for showing us your home and spending the day with us.

Roots and Branches at EMP
Sean in front of Roots and Branches
Space Needle
Our good friend and tour guide, David Floyd
View from the top

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