Purple Hearts Elusive For Traumatic Brain Injuries

Another interesting article from NPR.

Purple Hearts Elusive For Traumatic Brain Injuries

Sean has been working with Senator Johnson’s office for over a year to push through his request for a Purple Heart.  His first application, after hitting many snags while traveling up the chain of command (ranging from persons reviewing the application saying the event in question never took place to some saying he did not deserve the award) finally came back this spring with a letter stating that while he met the criteria for receiving a Purple Heart due to a mild TBI, the board would not be awarding it.

Sean received a letter last week from Senator Johnson with a response from the Chief, Congressional and Special Actions for the Army Review Boards Agency which states that due to an overwhelming caseload, Sean could expect a response no sooner than 12 months from now. 

Once again, an example of how our military leadership fails its members time and time again.

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