Cycling Clinic

Captain Mike Willman and Stoker Sean Johnson getting set for time trial in the velodrome

Sean and Mike during hill training

The Group

Sean and Mike at road time trials

Riding in road time trials

Road time trials

Following road time trials–exhausted!

Sean and Mike

Power testing
In September Sean attended a week-long cycling clinic for paralymic hopefuls in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Training included 15 mile bike rides in the morning and again in the evening around routes in the Rocky Mountains.  They rode up, down, and around winding hills through beautiful scenery. 
Sean learned a lot, improved his technique, and made many friends.  The trip was rewarding and  fun in spite of the grueling training schedule.
He learned pack-riding techniques for riding with a group, track training in the velodrome, road techniques, drills for speed and endurance.  He participated in time trials which compare the rider’s time to national standards as well as 3 K and 12 K racing.
Sean’s goals following the clinic are to continue to train and improve in order to advance through the next four training standards to reach the national team standard for the paralympics.  He plans to attend future clinics and hopes to participate in upcoming races.
His long-term goal:  to become a paralympic rider.

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