Appointments, Appointments, Appointments!!

Currently we travel to Sioux Falls once a week to meet with a psychologist for PTSD.  In about a month he will start a peer support group for PTSD which meets once a month, also in Sioux Falls. 

Recently Sean had an ENT appointment for recurrent sinus infections.  As a result he needs to have a CT scan, follow up ENT and an audiology appointment. 

As part of the compensation and pension claim Sean submitted for permanent and total disability he will need to be reevaluated for TBI, low vision, and PTSD.  While he was told to bring his test results and records from all the appointments he had this past spring for the med board, he was also told that any non-VA provider’s evaluation would not be given much consideration.  Instead of a neuro opthalmologist, he will see an opthalmologist.  Seems like a step in the wrong direction to me. 

Sean will also be scheduled for a colonoscopy and endoscopy due to continued issues with his digestive system. 

And as if those weren’t enough, he will be having some bloodwork and pulmonary work (not at all sure what this entails as I missed the appointment and he couldn’t remember) due to continued shortness of breath.  His primary care doctor suspects some of this is due to the burn pit exposure in Iraq. 

It’s hard to look ahead when we keep coming back to this.  He might be able to have a couple appointments in town, but for many we will travel to Sioux Falls.  The first week of November we will be there for three days, but at least we were able to group them instead of driving twice in one week. 

I complain, but Sean has to go through all the examinations.

Sean is doing quite well and most of his symptoms have stabilized over time and with medication.  We are both pleased and encouraged by his progress.  He took on several adventures this summer and explored new opportunities.  Now when people ask, “How is Sean doing?” it feels great to say, “He’s doing really well!” 

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