Operation Alpha

The first weekend in August, Sean and Keeley participated in Lakeshore Foundation’s Lima Foxtrot Program, a comprehensive program of fitness, recreation, sport, and transition support for severely injured military personnel.

They attended Operation Alpha, a camp designed for servicemen and women who have suffered traumatic brain injury.  This event was held on the Lakeshore Foundation Campus in Birmingham, Alabama and offered multiple sports and recreation activities.

Activities included rock climbing, scuba diving, tandem cycling, archery, air rifle, jetskiing, tubing, and fishing.  Sean’s most memorable moment was tubing with Keeley because they laughed and relaxed. 

They met several other service members with TBIs and were able to connect with them and what they are going through.  It is always reassuring to meet others in similar situations and come to a better understanding of what we are all going through together. 

Keeley (3rd from left) and Sean (4th from left)
Waterskiing on a sit-down ski

While the trip was exciting and action-packed, the ride home was not so for either of them.  First, they were loaded onto the airplane in Birmingham and told the plane would be delayed while they waited for a second pilot.  Then, the pilot arrived, but it was announced that the runway the plane was to take off from was not large enough for the aircraft’s weight.  Only 12 of 39 people would be able to stay on board.  Of course, no one wanted to volunteer to leave the flight.  Sean and Keeley agreed to the bump as the delays had already made them late for their connecting flight in Minneapolis.  The airline gave them vouchers toward future ticket purchases and sent them on a two hour taxi ride to Atlanta where they could get a flight home.  They arrived home 12 hours later than planned. . . without luggage.  The bags spent the night in Minneapolis and returned home the following day.

I will post more pictures when we receive them.

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