Rocky Mountain High

In July 2010 Sean travelled to Colorado Springs, CO courtesy of the USABA (United States Association of Blind Athletes) for the 2010 National Sports Festival in Conjunction with the Rocky Mountain State Games

During the first half of the week, athletes had the opportunity to learn and refine their skills in various sports clinics instructed by USABA national coaches.  They then had the opportunity to compete in the Rocky Mountain State Games. 

Sean competed in tandem cycling with captain Jeff Tracey.  They won a gold medal completing the race in approximately 27 minutes (the next closest time was 36 minutes). 

In tandem cycling, the stoker pedals from the rear seat of the tandem, adding power, making the bike go faster and farther.  This is the position for visually impaired cyclists. The cyclist in the front seat, the captain, controls the steering, shifting, and braking.

Sean also competed in shotput and discus.  He won silver medals for second place in both events.

Captain Jeff Tracey and Sean
Tandem Cycling

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