Why Not Come Home?

People asked all along, “Why doesn’t Sean just come home?” Well, it was not that easy. First, he was put on medical hold which means he had to stay until he was well enough to come home and do his normal military duties.

Second, Sean was not well enough to come home and go back to work. If they released him from med hold, then his military pay stopped.

Third, military medical can be tricky. If we pursued outside medical advice, the military insurance could write us off.

Finally, to enroll in and doctor with the Veteran’s Administration (VA) Healthcare System meant a 2 1/2 hour drive to see a provider as our town only has a PA, not a doctor.

We were between the proverbial rock and hard place when it came to having the latitude to make other decisions. This is why I was pushing for a move to a different facility or to WRAMC.

I had made contact with the surgeon general’s office for our command. They were not sure that the c-diff was all there was to cause concern. There was talk of parasites, and infectious diseases. They were pushing for a transfer to a facility with a GI specialist and an infectious disease specialist. Since we didn’t know exactly what was causing this infection, we could not be sure that we could find the proper treatment locally.

There were times when Sean wanted to tell Dr. X he was feeling much better and ready to come home. But we just could not take that chance.

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