Week Two–Hell Week Begins

Dr. X ordered a probiotic treatment. Par for the course, the pharmacy on post could not fill this prescription as the stock on hand was outdated. Sean travelled to the next town once again to get his prescription. The probiotic caused increased pain and was discontinued after three days.

Sean went to the scheduled meeting with Mr. L, but MAJ Z and COL Y were not in attendance. Mr. L told Sean that he had spoken with COL Y on the phone and she decided they would continue the course of treatment with Dr. X. The request for transfer was denied in order to exhaust all their resources first. Mr. L also told Sean, “I have spoken with your congressional contacts, so there is no need for you to call them again.” Um. . . excuse me? Are you seriously telling me that I am not to call my congressional contacts?

So I called my contacts and informed them know that Mr. L had tried to ease my workload by making the calls for me. Tattle-tale, I know. Needless to say, these contacts were appalled that he so brazenly told Sean not to make further calls.

I also learned that when Mr. L returned these calls, he provided false information such as a new antibiotic was being started that day, and although the pharmacy did not have it in stock, they made special arrangements to have it delivered to Sean. Remember the taxi rides to the next town? What accomodations!

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