Just Take Your Meds

Week three began with an appointment at Dr. X’s office. Sean asked again if he could see a GI doctor. Dizziness and nausea had gotten worse. Dr. X agreed to set up an appointment with Dr. D. I’m began to wonder if this Dr. D was even a real person, or a figment of Dr. X’s imagination.

Dr. X said he did not want to let this infection linger and would consider sending him elsewhere if necessary. In the meantime, “take your meds and you will be fine.”

On day 15 Dr. X met with Sean. He could find no explanation for the nausea and dizziness. “Just take your phenergan (for nausea).”

“Your diarrhea is improving, so you must be getting better.”

“Just keep taking your meds.”

Day 16 and Sean met with Dr. X again to discuss a possible transfer to Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC). After talking to a GI doctor at BAMC, Dr. X said they would not accept his case as it was not serious enough.

Sean was tested for the c-diff infection and this time the test came back negative. Thank God! At last some good news.

The diarrhea, nausea, and dizziness persisted. Dr. X had another medication in mind to clean out the intestinal tract, but the pharmacy–are you ready for this–could not supply it as it was out of stock and they would need to order it.

Dr. X also decided that since the test for infection was negative, he did not need to see GI Dr. D as there was nothing more that he would do. Sean was visibly upset that once again the GI appointment was cancelled. Dr. X told Sean, “You are the most agitated man I have ever met.”

Now I ask you, who among us after 13 months of deployment, 5 1/2 months of illness, coming out of a war zone, and being treated poorly would not be agitated?

Day 22 Dr. X discontinued antibiotic treatment as the infection was cleared up, and the antibiotics were not helping with the current symptoms. Sean was told, “You’re doing well. Just take your meds and you’ll be going home soon.” Really? Diarrhea, nausea, dizziness, abdominal pain so bad that all he can do is lay down is “doing well?”

Sean put in a request with Ms. S for an outside second opinion.

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