Putting Out the Flames

For every homefire you burn, there is a hotspot sure to pop up.
I learned this lesson all too well while trying to manage a home, family, job, and long-distance relationship with my husband.
The short list:

  • bed bugs (they are more than just a cute rhyme at bedtime–a bonus parting gift from the hotel in Denver)
  • exterminator for pesky bed bugs
  • new living room furniture, matress and box spring thanks to pesky bed bugs
  • run-in with a deer on the highway (he ran into me)
  • new doors on the van thanks to renegade deer
  • runaway child (we’ll protect privacy here)
  • multiple body piercings (your father won’t be happy to see THAT)
  • school attendance problems and failing grades
  • missing car (multiple occasions–had to remove the tires a time or two)
  • influenza A with all of us home for a week
  • my father’s brain tumor, removed twice, and triple bypass surgery
  • traveling from family events in horrible weather where I swore I would NEVER drive again once Sean got home
  • traumatic events in my step-daughter’s life
  • my step-daughter moved in (a blessing we had long awaited)
  • death of Sean’s grandfather
  • flood of May 2006 with inches of water in the basement
  • demolition of the basement due to water damage
  • the flat tire dilemna that plagues us began–I don’t know how I can drive over that many nails!
  • math homework meltdowns that required calling a friend for backup
  • 3 teenagers in the house (you can use your imagination here)
  • mysterious hives and canker sores (an entire mouth full)
  • smashed rear window in the car (an incident at the skatepark)
  • leaky ceiling when the snow melted
  • leaky ceiling in the basement when the toilet overflowed

My doctor thinks my headaches are due to stress. Really?

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